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How do I buy a used Argo!

Buying a used Argo is a bit different from buying other types of used equipment. First of all, it is not uncommon for owners to put very few hours on a machine. They can be used only in winter for snow access, or they can be used only during hunting season for short rides to and from the hunting area. Conversely, it is not uncommon that they are heavily used and severely mistreated. You can find a 1999 Response like this one, in great condition, and you can also find one of the last ones produced in 2005 almost completely rusted away with worn out axle bearings, idler bearings and chains. If your budget allows you to buy one of the current Argo models like Avenger or Frontier, you will typically find those units priced from $8,000 to 20,000 depending on model year, condition and accessories. If you do not have a budget to get into one of the current 8x8 models, you will need to find a good Conquest or Response. These models were largely unchanged from their first production in 1994 until the end of the model's production around 2005. There was a change in the way the operator steered the vehicle with a handle bar system as opposed to the original 2-lever design in the later years of production, though the steering components themselves remained unchanged. In buying one of these machines, the most important factor is CONDITION! N.A.D.A. uses a depreciation curve instead of actual comparable sales to arrive at their values. I have never been asked to report a used sale for them to consider actual sales. Long-Short, look for the very best condition of the model that you can afford. Getting caught up in year model may be the reason you pass over a great Response, and instead, find a later model with a higher book value that is much worse condition.
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