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Argo Rubber Track Information

Since the development of the ARGO Rubber Track Kit, there have been a number of bulletins issued by Argo regarding the installation and maintenance of the ARGO Rubber Track Kit. To make a very long story short, the tire diameters and tire placement are critical to the operation of the Rubber Track. The Installation Instructions outline a very detailed procedure for assuring that the tire location and pressure is done properly at installation.

Shortly after introduction of the Rubber Track Kit, an outside consultant was brought in to address the problems that users were having with the track system. At a distributor meeting, that consultant presented his testing method, data and recommendations in a PowerPoint presentation.

Rubber Track PowerPoint Presentation 

That presentation is available by clicking the above link. If you follow the setup instructions and maintain the tire pressures as per the instructions, the ARGO Rubber Track System works very well and you will see repair costs go down and performance go up.

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